The Gift of Music

from by Doug Kreitzer

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Praise Up!!!!! Thank you God, Universal Spirit, Grand Creator for all the possible variations of songs that have been and are yet to be Created!!! Your consciousness is a true infinity of never-ending musical creativity! OM


I've been given the gift of music and you've been given it, too
you better believe I gotta use it, until it feels like a dream come true
given the gift of music and I got to give it 'til my living is through so
in another minute you'll feel so good when they shine that light upon you

well I've been dreaming bout makin my livin'
just strumming on this guitar
singing all my songs about your sweet face,
surely it'll take me far
because I know that I'd be powerless
if I never felt your bliss so
baby won't you help me sing my song,
that goes a little something like this


ah but you say that I'm just a fool and
boy you better get a real job
baby whatcha think I've been doin,
I guess you think I'll never make it to the top
but even so why would I worry,
with the little but of knowledge I got
that god's got me and my every need
covered up like a boiling pot
because I've been

oh well music is a gift of the most high oh why,
how do I know I feel it in my third eye
feel it in my heart then in my brain,
then all over the world every place its the same
and if you never knew then now you do,
this was the gift thats been given to you
and you been given everything if you just look within you
then all of this livin' gets easier to do,
nobody knows you, better than you do
in all history there shall never be another you a better you,
never your kin nor your momma too
so be cool do what you were born to do,
and live long and be strong and please always be true
and you keep on learning and you'll be the guru,
it ain't so hard, ain't so tough if I just give a little thanks and
say Praise up for this beautiful gift of music


from Dream Life Consciousness, released June 5, 2012




Doug Kreitzer Cincinnati, Ohio

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