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A true story! enjoy!


Hey come on baby and walk with me
we could lay all day beneath that shady tree
we don't gotta do another thing but breath
rest our soul and rest them knees

oh well, I remember you out walking in the breeze
when your golden hair must have blinded me
cause I asked you out but I guess I couldn't see
baby you were way too fine for me
but you still said yes like i'd have never guessed
but I failed my test yes I must confess
when I caught my neighbor bobby staring dead at your chest
I should have yo Bobby show the lady some respect saying'


and so I take you out for italian treats
and I never will forget the way you looked at me
when I opened up the door for you to find your seat
its like your eyes were surprised by my chivalry
and when we said good night you kissed my cheek never again
can I remember another moment so sweet
but I ruined all of it trying another kiss
Oh lord when will I learn a little patience saying


and then a few years later I see you again
coincidentally we're at a friends wedding
I knew that it a moment this should be my fate
I went to say hello and light shined from your face
you kissed my cheek and again couldn't speak
you said you never met another man like me
and that I'm handsome with my hair short
and baby therefore
you wanted to make out with me on the dance floor
but I went off the deep end broke up with my girlfriend
sent Pepe Le Peu on you to say the least and
put it in a song so I'd never be forgotten'
started talking bout love, to anyone that'd listen saying


come on baby and talk with me I gotta tell you how your love
was an awakening as Im counting my blessing like one two three
he blessin's and the lessons of my memory


from Dream Life Consciousness, released June 5, 2012




Doug Kreitzer Cincinnati, Ohio

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