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Yes, I can see it, I believe it,
feel like I'll make it lovestruck and naked
as the day I came into life
just the same as the way I shall leave it
just like my brother, just like my mother
none of us worth any more than another
cross the ocean, life in motion
bleeding the same blood feeling the same love

we came from one its true, though we've been divided
divinity's hidin' where I'll be united to you
that's why I'll be coming for you for we are

all one heart, all one soul, all seen through our own windows
all people all equal, all pieces of one whole

hey, I've been hopin' to get to know it
that light in my soul that can burn through the cold and
I've got a heart that can melt through the dark and
if we never part this should never be too hard

and I can feel its near, as I sing for all to hear
as we live with no fear I whisper freedom in your ear
I've got to make this clear for we are


oh I wanna plant myself by the river and watch this water flow by
from the mouth of the eternal giver, the mother of my love and my life
as she flows in fluid circulation, as water is a liquid light
coming down from the heavens to the mountain to me
to the ocean and back to the sky
so man is a part of this plan, so man is a waterway, too
though sometimes rivers just get so muddy that the eagle eye can't see through
and so we wait for the dust to settle, then it settles and its crystal clear
and our destiny shines like a diamond in the mind
and we see that the glory is near for we are


that's in my soul, we are one whole


from Dream Life Consciousness, released June 5, 2012




Doug Kreitzer Cincinnati, Ohio

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