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This is basically a metaphor for not having to lean on any substance outside of ourselves to feel happy, whole, and worthy. Its is written about my own past experience with realizing I needed to give things up, avoiding giving them up, and then doing it to step into my true self.


when the night time's fallin'
I hear spirit calling my name,
though I turn aside though I close my eyes
I can still feel it call just the same
saying do I still need my courage
and armor to flourish or
should I let it pierce into the vein,
or should I rely on what's still inside
and not, lean on Novocain.

through the years I was certain
the feeling was worth it,
to bleed and to bluff and to blame,
and to pretend I'm free and not really be
even though freedom is my name
though I still sit and wonder
through wind and the thunder
the white noise of hard driving rain,
until its clear to me that I need relief
from this mind numbing Novocain

Novocain, I don't need that scar on my name,
Novocain, is it any wonder I'd say,
I don't want to be remembered this way
when the night time's falling I hear spirit calling my name
and I act surprised as if I just realized only few ever find it anyway
until we break through the darkness that still preys upon us and
holds to the harnessing reins, until I'm finally free
and i have no need for that
mind numbing Novocain,
I said I'm finally free and I have no need for that
mind numbing Novocain


from Dream Life Consciousness, released June 5, 2012




Doug Kreitzer Cincinnati, Ohio

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