Hold On (let go)

from by Doug Kreitzer

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This is a fun one with random thoughts on life.This song kind of just came out of me and I wanted to keep it how it originally came with a very general feel. While there are specific thoughts blended throughout, it stays rather open-ended enough for the listener to paint there own picture in their imagination.


Well some people stay right by your side,
some come in and out of life
while there ain't a one that ever done me wrong
it was ll my fault really all along
like the girls that said nice things to you,
they just walk out straight out of view
now what's an old boy like me to do
well don't chase em down, whatever you do
they can take your heart you can keep your cool,
you can play the part but down play the fool,
don't you play the fool

cause people come and people go,
searching for something they already know,
hoping for some kind of sign,
to say the way is right, to say you'll be alright,
just follow the light.

Now sometimes its hard to listen to your heart
when the things it says are just so damn smart
it don't agree with other body parts
telling you to do things that are way to hard
now don't you fear what it leads you to,
it'll give you strength and the courage, too
it'll build you up, push you through
it'll make you see just what you're made to do
what you're made to do,

as burdens come and burdens go
but they should never be more, than we can hold
so we lift them up and we let them go, and we turn inside
we look inside and we're sure to know, we're sure to know

and then we hold on, hold on, hold on hold on,
hold on, hold on, hold on hold on
give me something I can understand,
something simple I can hold in my hand
make it happen just like I planned,
help me through it, help me to it, help me do it again.

woman, woman, how am I supposed to understand,
if you won't hold on my hold on my hand,
make it happen just like I planned help me through it,
help me to it, help me do it again. do it again


from Dream Life Consciousness, released June 5, 2012




Doug Kreitzer Cincinnati, Ohio

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