Flashbulb Memory

from by Doug Kreitzer

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A story of reminiscing on a moment of meeting a soul mate or twin flame


Baby you're a flashbulb memory,
when I think back to the moment we meet
suddenly I see you vividly, I'm frozen
time stood still as a summer stream
like puddles in the mud ain't rained in weeks
a shimmering' pool reflectin'
its glowing', I'm frozen, time frozen

If I had to keep in mind,
one memory for all my time
would I have to let this go
only because you haunt me so
would you be the one I choose
only cause i'm so afraid to lose
would it help me, would it hurt me
would it kill me or would it cure me

one moment in time ain't nothing so small
the moment ain't alone its a part of them all
flowing all together like a holy walk I'm sure of it
The memory is something you can never take from me
the memory is mine so I'll do what I want
if it makes me smile then baby guess what
I'll hold it, I'm holding it, I'll hold it

my father's words my mother's love
how could one memory rise above
that first slow kiss how could I resist
I think I might just reminisce
my friends, my god the times we shared
sittin' in the summer sun with the guitars playin'
even as I search I'm sure I'll find
there's just no way around it,
I'm just so glad I found it
you're all I'm thinkin' 'bout now

have we fallen from the moment or is it worse
do we have to die 'fore we know what its worth
I hope we realize 'fore we get there first
I'm hopin' I'm frozen, I've chosen


from Dream Life Consciousness, released June 5, 2012




Doug Kreitzer Cincinnati, Ohio

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