Dream Life Consciousness

by Doug Kreitzer

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Dream Life Consciousness is a name which reminds me to always keep my dream life in mind, to always be working toward my heart's calling. It is an invocation, a mantra to help manifest the world which I want to see around me. Some of these songs are years old and some were written in the last year. This album took me several months to complete on my MacBook using garageband. I hope this record inspires you and brings more peace into your life!


released June 5, 2012

All music written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Doug Kreitzer, with the help of Demi Mays singing on Shine Through Me, and some musical arrangement from Tommy Cappel on The Gift of Music and Shady Trees. Album cover and formatting by the amazing Ashley Weiss




Doug Kreitzer Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Shine Through Me
I tell you what I really need
I said I need this air that I breathe
I need the water, I need the sea
like I need the river, to sustain me
but what I really need,
I need that good love within me to shine through me
and I need good friends by my side
I don't need no deception I don't need those lies
as I don't need to worry for the rest of my life
cause I got what I really need oh
I need that good love within me to shine through me

and I would take that Pocahontas if she's free
I'd love Odysseus's Penelope I'm talkin bout
the kind of woman that could help me get along and
be beside me all of my life long
as we swim along the river naked in the sea
can't ask for nothing long as she's with me
that's what I really need, oh
I need that good woman's loving to stand by me
Track Name: Flashbulb Memory
Baby you're a flashbulb memory,
when I think back to the moment we meet
suddenly I see you vividly, I'm frozen
time stood still as a summer stream
like puddles in the mud ain't rained in weeks
a shimmering' pool reflectin'
its glowing', I'm frozen, time frozen

If I had to keep in mind,
one memory for all my time
would I have to let this go
only because you haunt me so
would you be the one I choose
only cause i'm so afraid to lose
would it help me, would it hurt me
would it kill me or would it cure me

one moment in time ain't nothing so small
the moment ain't alone its a part of them all
flowing all together like a holy walk I'm sure of it
The memory is something you can never take from me
the memory is mine so I'll do what I want
if it makes me smile then baby guess what
I'll hold it, I'm holding it, I'll hold it

my father's words my mother's love
how could one memory rise above
that first slow kiss how could I resist
I think I might just reminisce
my friends, my god the times we shared
sittin' in the summer sun with the guitars playin'
even as I search I'm sure I'll find
there's just no way around it,
I'm just so glad I found it
you're all I'm thinkin' 'bout now

have we fallen from the moment or is it worse
do we have to die 'fore we know what its worth
I hope we realize 'fore we get there first
I'm hopin' I'm frozen, I've chosen
Track Name: The Grandpa Song
Well one morning my grandpa, many years ago,
he saw the world around him as he always took it slow
he caught me small and spying, how he lived I had to see
and then I'd come to find, it was he who spied on me
crying in a corner, he tried to stop my tears
said I'll tell you something that I've learned in all my years
he said

don't you let this world ever get you down
cause I know a thing about love, love
he said a man can be a man
a man could be a king
but oh he don't know nothing not until he knows what it means,
that love is all you need and loving its an art
so son you don't know nothing not until you know your heart
until you know your heart

and one morning my father this was so many years ago
he saw the world around him as he always took it slow
he caught me as I'm yelling, I was cursing all this world
I said I'm so sick of this liven and I'm never gonna find a cure
now ho are you so angry son how could you be so mean
to swear before your mother you are disappointing me
now you could be a rebel, or you could be a saint,
but any road you go I know you're gonna feel some pain so,
don't you let this world ever get you down,
cause I know a thing about love
Track Name: The Gift of Music
I've been given the gift of music and you've been given it, too
you better believe I gotta use it, until it feels like a dream come true
given the gift of music and I got to give it 'til my living is through so
in another minute you'll feel so good when they shine that light upon you

well I've been dreaming bout makin my livin'
just strumming on this guitar
singing all my songs about your sweet face,
surely it'll take me far
because I know that I'd be powerless
if I never felt your bliss so
baby won't you help me sing my song,
that goes a little something like this


ah but you say that I'm just a fool and
boy you better get a real job
baby whatcha think I've been doin,
I guess you think I'll never make it to the top
but even so why would I worry,
with the little but of knowledge I got
that god's got me and my every need
covered up like a boiling pot
because I've been

oh well music is a gift of the most high oh why,
how do I know I feel it in my third eye
feel it in my heart then in my brain,
then all over the world every place its the same
and if you never knew then now you do,
this was the gift thats been given to you
and you been given everything if you just look within you
then all of this livin' gets easier to do,
nobody knows you, better than you do
in all history there shall never be another you a better you,
never your kin nor your momma too
so be cool do what you were born to do,
and live long and be strong and please always be true
and you keep on learning and you'll be the guru,
it ain't so hard, ain't so tough if I just give a little thanks and
say Praise up for this beautiful gift of music
Track Name: Heaven on Earth
See everything that we could be,
every possibility, every dream
as we search 'til the day we see heaven hit the earth,
when divinity breathes through a human birth, sets us free

and I know that it won't be long,
'til the hate and the hurt are gone,
and we stand hand in hand
stretching out through the land
as one people in love.

and just like the stars,
like the stars shine on through the universe
teaching me to give love like I've never hurt,
they just give and give and give
as they stand, stand and shine like they're not afraid,
so I stand naked and unashamed
not ashamed of who I am, and who we are, are

and time, time's gonna wash over everything,
over every road that I ever went, over every broken heart
as it may, take more strength than I've ever known
take more grace than I've ever shown,
to carry us into the light, light light

as I know that it won't be long,
'til the whole world sings along
and we stand hand in hand
stretching out through the land
as one people in love
Track Name: Hold On (let go)
Well some people stay right by your side,
some come in and out of life
while there ain't a one that ever done me wrong
it was ll my fault really all along
like the girls that said nice things to you,
they just walk out straight out of view
now what's an old boy like me to do
well don't chase em down, whatever you do
they can take your heart you can keep your cool,
you can play the part but down play the fool,
don't you play the fool

cause people come and people go,
searching for something they already know,
hoping for some kind of sign,
to say the way is right, to say you'll be alright,
just follow the light.

Now sometimes its hard to listen to your heart
when the things it says are just so damn smart
it don't agree with other body parts
telling you to do things that are way to hard
now don't you fear what it leads you to,
it'll give you strength and the courage, too
it'll build you up, push you through
it'll make you see just what you're made to do
what you're made to do,

as burdens come and burdens go
but they should never be more, than we can hold
so we lift them up and we let them go, and we turn inside
we look inside and we're sure to know, we're sure to know

and then we hold on, hold on, hold on hold on,
hold on, hold on, hold on hold on
give me something I can understand,
something simple I can hold in my hand
make it happen just like I planned,
help me through it, help me to it, help me do it again.

woman, woman, how am I supposed to understand,
if you won't hold on my hold on my hand,
make it happen just like I planned help me through it,
help me to it, help me do it again. do it again
Track Name: Novocain
when the night time's fallin'
I hear spirit calling my name,
though I turn aside though I close my eyes
I can still feel it call just the same
saying do I still need my courage
and armor to flourish or
should I let it pierce into the vein,
or should I rely on what's still inside
and not, lean on Novocain.

through the years I was certain
the feeling was worth it,
to bleed and to bluff and to blame,
and to pretend I'm free and not really be
even though freedom is my name
though I still sit and wonder
through wind and the thunder
the white noise of hard driving rain,
until its clear to me that I need relief
from this mind numbing Novocain

Novocain, I don't need that scar on my name,
Novocain, is it any wonder I'd say,
I don't want to be remembered this way
when the night time's falling I hear spirit calling my name
and I act surprised as if I just realized only few ever find it anyway
until we break through the darkness that still preys upon us and
holds to the harnessing reins, until I'm finally free
and i have no need for that
mind numbing Novocain,
I said I'm finally free and I have no need for that
mind numbing Novocain
Track Name: One Heart
Yes, I can see it, I believe it,
feel like I'll make it lovestruck and naked
as the day I came into life
just the same as the way I shall leave it
just like my brother, just like my mother
none of us worth any more than another
cross the ocean, life in motion
bleeding the same blood feeling the same love

we came from one its true, though we've been divided
divinity's hidin' where I'll be united to you
that's why I'll be coming for you for we are

all one heart, all one soul, all seen through our own windows
all people all equal, all pieces of one whole

hey, I've been hopin' to get to know it
that light in my soul that can burn through the cold and
I've got a heart that can melt through the dark and
if we never part this should never be too hard

and I can feel its near, as I sing for all to hear
as we live with no fear I whisper freedom in your ear
I've got to make this clear for we are


oh I wanna plant myself by the river and watch this water flow by
from the mouth of the eternal giver, the mother of my love and my life
as she flows in fluid circulation, as water is a liquid light
coming down from the heavens to the mountain to me
to the ocean and back to the sky
so man is a part of this plan, so man is a waterway, too
though sometimes rivers just get so muddy that the eagle eye can't see through
and so we wait for the dust to settle, then it settles and its crystal clear
and our destiny shines like a diamond in the mind
and we see that the glory is near for we are


that's in my soul, we are one whole
Track Name: Shady Tree
Hey come on baby and walk with me
we could lay all day beneath that shady tree
we don't gotta do another thing but breath
rest our soul and rest them knees

oh well, I remember you out walking in the breeze
when your golden hair must have blinded me
cause I asked you out but I guess I couldn't see
baby you were way too fine for me
but you still said yes like i'd have never guessed
but I failed my test yes I must confess
when I caught my neighbor bobby staring dead at your chest
I should have yo Bobby show the lady some respect saying'


and so I take you out for italian treats
and I never will forget the way you looked at me
when I opened up the door for you to find your seat
its like your eyes were surprised by my chivalry
and when we said good night you kissed my cheek never again
can I remember another moment so sweet
but I ruined all of it trying another kiss
Oh lord when will I learn a little patience saying


and then a few years later I see you again
coincidentally we're at a friends wedding
I knew that it a moment this should be my fate
I went to say hello and light shined from your face
you kissed my cheek and again couldn't speak
you said you never met another man like me
and that I'm handsome with my hair short
and baby therefore
you wanted to make out with me on the dance floor
but I went off the deep end broke up with my girlfriend
sent Pepe Le Peu on you to say the least and
put it in a song so I'd never be forgotten'
started talking bout love, to anyone that'd listen saying


come on baby and talk with me I gotta tell you how your love
was an awakening as Im counting my blessing like one two three
he blessin's and the lessons of my memory
Track Name: The Way I Feel
Well the way you looked into my eyes
(before that) I was ill but now I'm fine
I could say you changed my life
you freed my words when you freed my mind
oh for until then I oh I had a muzzle on
and I know it gets you worried when I'm silent for so long
oh how could I be wrong, when I'm smiling so
and my heart beat is so strong
oh but I've never been one to say the way I feel
I try to keep it inside till I'm sure the feelings real
but I better speak up cause the truth is on my heels
and I want you to know that my love is real

well the way you take my breath away
now I'm sure I cannot stay
in this suffocating place
because when you walk my way
I can't think, I can't say, I can't even remember my name
oh nah honey, oh oh look at where Im from
and the road from here to there and why'd I cover it up
oh no I could not be wrong
when I'm smiling so and my heart beat is so strong

Track Name: The Wedding Song
The Wedding Song

I could spend every moment falling even more in love with you
You are like a gift, a gift from God that made my dreams come true
you are the one I have been searching for, my entire life
and I am a lucky man that I can call you my wife

oh cause I love you, oh how I love you
with all that I know how with all that I let out
yes I love you, oh yes I love you, your beauty of a dove
with everything I am capable of, I love you

and there is nothing that could change, the way I feel today
we run into a mountain and we will remove it away
we're together forever becoming old and grey and I
I would not be happier if you never said goodbye
I'll always trust in you and I'll never tell you a lie


With every second we're apart, I swear it feels like a year inside my heart
my heart, my heart